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Calendar Advertising Grows Business  

Calendars perform like your personal sales representative: working for you all year and every day in homes and offices where buying decisions are made.  They remind your customers of:

  1. Who you are
  2. What you do
  3. How you can be reached

Repeat business is something that every business likes to promote, and calendars can help.  Since the advertising calendar is given to your customers as a gift at the end of the year, they will often reciprocate and continue to patronize your business, because they received a "thank you" of great value to them.
Unlike a 30 second radio spot, television commercial or small one-color newspaper advertisement, calendars ensure that your advertising message will stay with customers for an entire year.
Remember: Business goes where it's invited and stays where it's appreciated.
Make Your Advertising Dollars Count!


The Power of Calendars

  • 28% of calendars being used in homes and 15% of calendars used in offices were purchased by the user.
  • 67% of home calendar recipients and 44% of business calendar recipients would purchase calendars if they were not provided by advertisers.
  • In homes that had not received advertising calendars, 56% would like to get one, and 50% would make a special effort to get one.
  • 59% of businesses not having received an advertising calendar would like one, and 43% would like one, and 43% would make a special effort to get one.
  • 85% of all home calendar users do business with the firm that supplied their advertising calendar.
  • 83% of businesses purchase the products or services of the advertiser who supplied them with a calendar, while only 78% did business with the firm prior to receiving the advertising calendar. ?

Calendars Have Gift Value

  • Customers consider calendars to be a gift. They are both necessary and decorative.
  • Calendars are welcomed in the home and office and not discarded.
  • If not given a calendar by an advertiser, people will purchase retail calendars.


Calendars Have Brand Power

  • Calendars have the power to influence buying decisions.  They can be placed where the customer makes business decisions each day.
  • When a product or service is needed, the calendar is there to display who you are and how can you be reached.
  • Calendars have the power to help ensure customer loyalty.


Calendars are appreciated

  •  People place a great deal of value on their calendars.
  • Because people value them, distributing calendars can help to build good will between you and your customer.
  • Recipiencts look forward to receiving a calendar from the advertiser each year.

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